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We LOVE expanding with our PARTNERS

If you are a retailer looking to host our 100% Natural Products on your shelves please reach out to us on our submission form below with your information. 

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Wholesale Request

Thanks for submitting!



Are you looking to purchase Hemp Sense USA Products merchandise to add to your inventory?

By definition, wholesale means ordering in bulk to get a substantial discount for the purpose of reselling those items in your business. There is no cost to sign up for a wholesale account, but you must complete the following steps:

1. Create an account.
2. Request that we convert your account to a wholesale account by emailing; to make sure we do not have a distributor or exclusive sales representative for your region.

Include your business name, website, tax ID and resale tax certificate number for verification. 

After your application has been approved, every order you place must meet the following criteria to activate your wholesale discount, which you'll view as you browse the online quick order shop:

  • you must be signed in to your account

  • your total order must be at least $1000

If the prices online are not reflecting correctly, please email your sales representative with the products and quantities you wish to order so we may assist you! 

*Discount codes, coupons, sale prices, free promotions, and free shipping offers do NOT apply to wholesale orders. 

*Unless given specific, in writing approval from Hemp Sense USA Products, our products sold at wholesale prices are NOT allowed to be resold online or on Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten or Alibaba. 

We guarantee outstanding quality, highly competitive prices, and certified Fair Trade and ethical manufacturing on all our products.

​If you have a store location and want to be featured on our store locator, also include the store's full address, customer service phone number, and website.  Your store will be added after you have made your first purchase.

A regional sales director will get you set up ASAP so you can start placing your orders.


Hemp Sense USA Brands' Wholesale Program is suitable for:

  • Retail Stores, Gift Stores, Pet Stores and Health Food Stores

  • Veterinarians

  • Garden & Landscape Nurseries

  • Stables

  • Animal Farm & Feed Stores

  • Online Retailers and e-retailers that sell All Natural products.

  • International Retailers and Distributors

Suitable for retailers looking for All Natural manufacturer that sells a wide selection of all natural products at wholesale for retailers.

Please Note: If shipping to an international destination (outside of the USA) shipping is charged subject to weight and destination.

Hemp Sense USA's  Wholesale Program is for bonafide businesses selling directly to customers only. It is not intended for personal use. Hemp Sense USA  Brands reserves the right to audit any account for compliance at the company’s discretion.


  • Wholesale customer agrees to not sell via means that conflict with the sales and marketing efforts of Hemp Sense USA Brands.


Thanks for submitting!

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