Hemp Fibril Soil Enricher is a superior garden bedding made from the whole hemp straw, a 100% natural product. Hemp Fibril Soil Enricher absorbs and hold 4 to 5 times its weight in water when used as a layer on top of the soil. It creates a micro climate holding the water reducing evaporation and less watering.  Can be used in flower pots and beds, home ornamental pot plants, vegetables and bedding plants.

Hemp Fibril Soil Enricher

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    • Made from 100% All Natural Hemp Stalks
    • Conserves moisture - allows for reduced watering
    • Protects plant roots from extreme temperatures
    • Free of noxious weeds, insects, and diseases
    • Biodegradable - Supplies organic matter to the soil
    • Eliminates moisture stress in shallow-rooted plants
    • Aesthetically pleasing and beneficial effects,
    • Chemical free. Free of chemicals during growth and manufacture
    • Absorbs 4-5 times its weight in moisture,
    • Superior insulating properties protecting the soil in hot summer or cold winter periods
    • Suppress or Reduce weeds
    • PH neutral
    • Great for low and easy maintenance gardening