Hemp Sense Kritter's Hemp Animal Bedding VS Paper Competitor! #HempAnimalBedding #HempCrumble

We take your critters into consideration when providing you an all natural hemp bedding like Kritter's Hemp Bedding that provides warmth and comfort.

Derek Cross of Hemp Sense USA Challenges the competition in Animal Bedding vs. Hemp Sense's Patented Kritter's Hemp Bedding! What are your thoughts?

We feel Hemp Crumble for the WIN providing more value to you and less burden on the world.






Hemp Bedding produces less dust than other common coop beddings like straw and wood shavings, which can be harmful to your hen’s respiratory system.

What are the Benefits?

  • Natural fly repellent qualities

  • Provides superior odor control and absorbs 4-5 times more liquid to keep your small pet healthy and clean. More absorbent than straw or shavings!

  • Made from 100% Hemp Stalks, a renewable resource that's biodegradable and compostable. Great fertilizer after usage!

  • Suppresses overpowering ammonia odors for days.

  • 100% sustainable and renewable, plus 99% dust-free material

EMAIL: sales@hempsenseusa.com


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