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Customer Reviews

   "This honestly has been the best kitty litter we've used yet. The odor is nonexistent and minimal ammonia scent (if any at all). I've used carbon filters and odor control sprays, but nothing worked in the past for traditional litter.This litter is everything that the packaging states and you've gained a loyal customer with this product. Thanks!" -Anna C.

"Derek, what really surprised me is the length this litter helped Absorb smell. When emptying the box there were no clumps, it all disintegrated. Hemp litter was a great idea, proud to support your company!" -Lisa S.

 "Oh and on a personal note, OMG !!!! What a difference! I have little to no waste, amazed at how the hemp basically dehydrates the chicken waste and turns it into dust !. So happy to use this product."  -Stuart M.